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Want to do something clever with 360 images or video? Well we may just have the answer for you. The BubbleScope, BubblePix App and web platform together create a 360 imaging capture and distribution infrastructure that is not just our toy box to play with. We have a partner program, which gives third parties access to an SDK and platform API so they can develop specialist Apps and web services, using Bubbles and compatible with the BubbleScope, quickly and easily. Drop us a line to find out more details and talk to one of our own tech gurus.

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The BubbleScope has launched and ready to buy now. Please do have a look around to see what others are doing with their BubbleScopes and then you can order straight from

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Once you've gone and ordered yourself a BubbleScope, why don't you download the App now, create an account so that you're ready as soon as your Scope arrives in the post. Available on the App Store and soon to be on Google Play and BlackBerry World.

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